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The Space Chicks Club

The Project

A group of girls goes to conquer space because of the unbearable conditions on earth. Before the start of the expedition, they were captured in a photo. Now the only way to communicate with them is blockchain


Design, layout, smart contract development, web3 integration


NFT website for sale collection


Turnkey project development

We Were Responsible For

Web site design development

Development of a unique design and style of the website in the space theme, according to the reference collection

React.js layout with illustrations and animations

Adaptive layout, concise and user-friendly interface

Smart-contract development on the Ethereum network

Developing and testing a secure smart contract

Key Features

Development of a user-friendly, pleasant interface according to the terms of reference

Using light animation in the form of movement of the rocket while scrolling

Constant communication with the client to make changes 

Demonstration of intermediate results and individual blocks

Adaptive layout using React.js

Assistance and support in uploading the collection to the marketplace 

Writing a smart contract and integrating it web3

Testing of the contract 

Technologies have been used:

Technologies have been used:


14 days

14 days in total for platform development and product improvements






How We Helped The Client’s Business?

We helped the client to correspond to the needs of the customers and provided the possibility to grow the business improving the position of their product on the market.

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