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Evolved Bulls Are Here

The Project

A website for selling NFT collections on the Ethereum network


Design, layout, smart contract development, web3 integration


NFT website for sale collection


The BOTB team originally came together in the BAYC community, and we were amazed at the strength of a community like theirs. We got together to brainstorm about some interesting community activities, and came up with the idea of Bulls on the Block, the first NFT community with a wallet. Since then, our vision of combining the beautiful art of NFT with the infrastructure of DeFi has expanded considerably.

We Were Responsible For

Web site design development

Development of a unique design and style of the website in the space theme, according to the reference collection

React layout with illustrations and animations

Easy animation when scrolling the page, adaptive layout, concise and user-friendly interface

Writing smart-contracts on the Ethereum network

Development and testing of a secure smart contract with conditions according to the terms of reference

Key Features

Mint ( function start and end conditions, cost and restrictions)

Supply ( amount of NFT , possibility of changing the total supply)

NFT reservation (restrictions and possibilities for the owner of the reserved NFT)

Whitelist (possibility to add, change and delete a whitelist, whitelist participants rights and restrictions)

Airdrop (delivery of the purchased NFT to a specified address)

Reveal+IPFS (storage of NFT images and Opensea metadata, possibility of changing IPFS links from the contract)


Adaptive layout using React.js

Assistance and support in uploading the collection to the marketplace 

Writing a smart contract and integrating it web3

Testing of the contract 

Technologies have been used:

Technologies have been used:


10 days

10 days in total for platform development and product improvements







How We Helped The Client’s Business?

We helped the client to correspond to the needs of the customers and provided the possibility to grow the business improving the position of their product on the market.

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