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Online children's clothing store

The Project

Internet-store of sale of children's goods on a turnkey basis. The best solution for organizations selling products and ready to increase sales through the Internet. It is perfect for both existing market players and young companies.


Modern design. Adaptation for all devices. Customization and filling with products




The sale of goods online is the most popular and convenient way to make money. With an online store all the processes of your business are automated, because the user chooses, adds to the cart and pays for the desired product.

We Were Responsible For

Prototype development

Prototype development

React layout with illustrations and animations

Adaptation for all devices, easy animation.

Convenient functionality and process automation

Creating an admin panel for convenient filling of the site, a shopping cart for each user. Automatic notifications of orders and ease of ordering.

Key Features

Nice design

Adaptive layout 

Product filters 

User-friendly admin panel 

Convenient arrangement of elements

Quick ordering

Technologies have been used:

Technologies have been used:


14 days

14 days in total for platform development and product improvements






How We Helped The Client’s Business?

We helped the client to correspond to the needs of the customers and provided the possibility to grow the business improving the position of their product on the market.

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