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Ethereum bets
A service for holding drafts in Ethereum
The Project
Service allows users to place bets in the Ethereum cryptocurrency and to get the winnings in case of a victory.
Software improvements, Ethereum, web
A team of developers, software improvements, encryption
A client had an urgent task of elimination of an unexpectedly arisen error in the software working process, the reasons for which were unknown. The normal full functioning of a website was hampered by this failure. The client also asked to add SSL encryption for connection with the website.
Our Contributions
We have quickly carried out an analysis of an error and found out the reason that led to its emergence.
Technical Discovery Phase
Having quickly responded to the clients’ inquiry, we have identified the reason for an error fast and have figured out in which part of a code the error was located, to search for its further elimination.
Technical Consulting
After the elimination of software, an error was completed, we suggested to our client the most optimal, in our opinion, certification center for the SSL certificate implementation, with which the client has agreed.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
Having received the required documents from the certification center, we have successfully implemented SSL encryption to the client’s website.
Key Features
To solve the objectives, we have applied the following:
Different tools for software testing;
Tools for software validation and debugging;
Readdressing the connection via https.
Quick error search
In order to minimize the consequences of an error, we have held the testing as soon as possible and have found the flawed part of the code, that caused an error.
Interaction with the client
The client responded to all our requests quickly, being in touch with us, which helped to speed up the work and decision-making processes.
SSL-encryption implementation
After necessary coordination, we have successfully implemented an SSL certificate and modified the software, so that it will be possible to use it as a default.
5 days/div>
Elimination of an error took 1 day, SSL-encryption implementation took 4 days.
1 developer
1 tester
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
Thanks to the quick error elimination, the consequences of its emergence were minimized for the clients’ business and many users did not even manage to notice the problem.
Thanks to the implementation of the SSL encryption of the connection with the website, the safety of its use has increased, as well as the security of the users’ data.
The following positive effect was the increase in the positions of the client’s website in search engines, as most of the large search engines improve the location of those websites which have a safer way of connection via https.
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