Euro-Bud • Unio-IT
This is a business website that gave services in repair, design, and construction works in the territory of Ukraine.
The Project
Euro-Bud is an enterprise business website that provides general information about the company, its services, performed works, and business development.
Web, Internet, sites
Web development
Web development, Extended Team
The Client’s task was to convert the legacy website into an updated business card website that makes a favorable presentation of the company’s services, repair, and space design.
Our Contributions
Our development team created a new enterprise website based on the Lavarel framework corresponding to all the Client’s requirements.
Technical Discovery Phase
We have accepted a fundamental decision – not be related to the legacy one. We adopted only general information about the company and corporate color scheme.
We have used the framework that significantly speeds up project realization and makes customer support easier operated.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
We have decided not to correspond to old programs owning to impossible use for upgraded web development.
Key Features
In order to meet the Customer expectations there are the following options:
Experience and browsing used Ajax;
The Lavarel framework let’s use the library stock;
Meet MVC model totally, that makes customer support easier.
Following pre-development architecture.
Pure code
Pure code observes programming standards and makes both technical support and new revisions easier.
The user interface minimized gradually a new page loading.
2 months
There are 2 months of hard work for analysis and performing.
1 PHP-programmer
1 web designer
1 project manager
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
We have created a new business card website that significantly increases visitor’s conversion into new users, competitiveness and profits.
The Client has got a speed and updated website due to Unio IT. They note the wave of selling and rising of the new user’s interest. Corporate customers even appeared.
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