A financial platform for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies
The Project
IGT-Crypto was initially created as a service for exchanging cryptocurrency. Over time, it has grown into a full-fledged financial platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency and earn money on it.
Software development, security optimization, web
Finance, blockchain
A separate team, software development, security improvement
The IGT-Crypto team asked us to conduct a comprehensive security analysis of their software, identify potential security gaps, and also give recommendations on possible improvements in this area.
Our Contributions
Our team has thoroughly analyzed the project software within the framework of the accumulated experience in developing such platforms:
Software analysis stage
We have applied several approaches to analyzing the security of the platform at once-from manual research of the code, the variables used, correct typing, and so on to analysis of the architecture, the classes used, the use of third-party solutions and APIs, which can often lead to a decrease in the level of security.
Advising a client
We have written a large analytical report on the work done, identified a number of critical vulnerabilities in the software, and made recommendations for possible improvements and improvements.
Assistance in updating the software
The client's development team could not fully implement a number of our recommendations, so our developers were also involved to eliminate some vulnerabilities and improve security.
Key Features
The Unio IT team has done a truly huge amount of work, the result of which are:
Analytical material on the security of the service with a volume of more than 100 pages;
APIs that should be excluded from use;
Several critical vulnerabilities;
Recommendations for improving database security;
The use of cryptography in some software functions;
Many other improvements.
Software analysis
To analyze the project software, it took a huge amount of time to spend, a significant part of which was saved by the availability of technical documentation.
Effective interaction
It would be impossible to solve the task assigned to us without interaction with the current project developers, explanations and help from them.
Implementation of our recommendations
For the successful implementation of some of our recommendations, it was necessary to involve our specialists.
1+ year
It took more than 1 year to implement the project.
1 software architect
3 developers
1 project manager
1 tester
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
It is difficult to overestimate the contribution made by the Unio IT team, because thanks to our efforts, the level of project security has significantly increased.
We found and helped eliminate a number of critical vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by cyber criminals.
We gave them recommendations for additional improvements that would contribute to improving the security of the project.
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