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Service for the cryptocurrency exchange
The Project
INVEST COIN 24 is a quick and convenient way to sell, buy or exchange different types of cryptocurrencies in an automatic mode without intermediaries or risks.
Software improvement, performance optimization, web
blockchain, exchanger
Separate team, software improvement, performance optimization
The client’s project faced a rather frequent for comparatively new services problem – its performance was declining while the number of new users was increasing. The software architecture was acceptable when the number of clients was rather small, but it began to glitch and put an unacceptably high load on the servers in the process of the project’s popularity growth.
Our Contributions
Our team has comprehensively analyzed the problem and found the ways to solve it:
Technical Discovery Phase
At an analysis stage we have thoroughly studied the documentation related to the current version of the software architecture realization, and the decisions which were chosen by the previous team of developers.
Technical Consulting
We offered the client several ways of solving the problem – starting with the development of the project from scratch with the use of the correct architecture, which would be taking into account a potential exponential growth of loading from new users, and up to the ways which would allow us to develop the current solution.

The client made a choice to complete the current solution by redistribution of load of different servers and a shutdown of a part of the most resource-intensive classes and their realization in a new more technological and effective view.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
The Unio IT team allocated those functions and classes that create the greatest load and replaced them with less resource-intensive realizations. The team has also developed the software that allows to distribute the load on several servers simultaneously.
Key Features
We used the following set of solutions:
New realization of part of the classes and functions;
Distribution of load on several servers;
Interchangeability of servers for increase in the failure tolerance;
Informing on achievement of a threshold of an allowed load.
Work with the code and documentation
Unfortunately, documentation of the previous team of developers was not really detailed and full; therefore, some time was required to completion the gaps.
Interaction with the client’s team
Thanks to a possibility of fast communication with the client’s managers and purchasing department, we could coordinate the purchase of the necessary equipment – additional servers – rather quickly.
Creation of high-quality documentation
In order for our team and other IT companies, which services the client will possibly use in the future, not to spend a lot of time on looking through the code and the documentation again, we made the decision to develop a new high-quality version of documentation for the client’s project and to reflect in it the analysis we have made.
8 months
In total 8 months of work.
1 software architect
2 developers
1 project manager
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
Thanks to our work, the client’s service has considerably increased the speed of the work, which positively affected the ordinary users’ experience.
The client has finally received a possibility to start a full-fledged advertising campaign of the project, because he was ready for the increase in load and the growth in the number of users.
Thanks to the fact that we have corrected a number of errors of the previous developers, the users stopped having errors and failures that earlier used to happen much more often than it would be appropriate.
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