Logotype • Unio-IT
A small online store of gaming products
The Project
Logotype – a small online store of gaming products that specializes in the sale of computer games, gaming equipment.
Web, Online store
Electronic commerce
Web-development, Extended Team
Our development team was tasked with integrating the existing online store with 1C accounting, as well as developing a new control panel that facilitates the addition of commodity items and accounting for warehouse balances.
Our Contributions
Following the plan, we have done the entire amount of work.
Technical Discovery Phase
At the analysis stage, we carefully studied the current technology platform and came to the conclusion that its capabilities are sufficient to implement the tasks set by customers.
Technical Consulting
We advised the client not to create the entire system again, but to use the existing technological base, which reduced the development time by almost 2 times at a lower cost.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
Our team implemented the new functionality in the form of separate classes that were connected to the existing software.
Key Features
We have successfully implemented the following functionality:
Full integration of the online store with 1C accounting;
A new admin panel has been developed with a concise and minimalistic design;
Accounting of warehouse balances has been fully automated to minimize the human factor and errors;
Code purity
Code purity and adherence to implementation in the form of separate object-oriented programming classes.
Integration with 1C
Productive integration with 1C without lags and delays.
Follow-up support
Commenting on the most significant lines of code, thus facilitating further support of the product.
1 month
The project took 1 month to implement.
1 project manager
1 developer
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
We have significantly reduced the time required for the client's employees to register and add product items.
We automated interaction with 1C, thus reducing the load on accounting tasks.
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