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An online store of modern and up-to-date women's clothing
The Project
Modern is an online store specializing in the sale of current brands that are popular among the female audience. The range is presented from bikinis to winter coats.
Web, e-commerce, web design
Online store
Web development, consulting, Extended Team
The client required the modification of the existing online catalog by adding further pages, as well as the redesign of the existing site design to a more up-to-date one that considers modern trends.
Our Contributions
The Unio IT team analyzed the current trends of online stores for a female audience, made their suggestions, and successfully implemented the agreed changes.
Technical Discovery Phase
We have engaged an external consultant in the field of building brands of women's stores in order to fully reflect all current trends in the updated website design.
Technical Consulting
The client was given a choice of several concepts that consider different possible approaches to the formation of the store's brand. The client chose in favor of one of them, which was subsequently implemented.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
Our team of web engineers, having received the layout from the designers, made its layout and successfully implemented it into the existing website, after which they added the new pages and sections required by the client.
Key Features
We have done the following amount of work:
Created a layout of the updated design in Photoshop;
Made up the layout and replaced the design of the existing site with it;
Added the pages and sections required by the client;
Organized testing.
Projecting the design turned out to be a non-trivial task that required the involvement of an outside consultant who is a specialist in the field of women's fashion.
Interaction with different blocks of stakeholders required significant efforts of the project manager.
High standards
Compliance with the high standards of providing Unio IT services allowed us to avoid "pitfalls" at all stages of the project implementation.
3 months
3 months of painstaking work on the project
1 programmer
1 web designer
1 layout designer
1 third-party fashion consultant
1 project manager
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
The completely redesigned online store of the client received a positive response from its audience, which significantly increased the level of sales.
The percentage of repeat orders has also increased – one of the most important indicators when organizing a business.
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