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Neu obit
A platform for trading cryptocurrency assets
The Project
Neu obit is a high-tech online platform for trading various cryptocurrency assets, as well as charting based on statistics and forecasting trends.
Blockchain, Web
Software development, Extended Team
We were tasked with finalizing the existing software solution in the form of adding a function for charting based on asset value statistics stored in the database, as well as visualizing algorithms that allow forecasting possible further price deviations.
Our Contributions
The Unio IT team successfully coped with the task, implementing all the functionality required by the client.
Technical Discovery Phase
After studying the task, we found that the best option would be to use the existing APIs on the market for charting and visualizing numerical arrays.
Technical Consulting
We informed the client about the possibility of using existing free APIs, on the basis of which it is possible to implement all the required functionality. Otherwise, the development would be too expensive for the client. The client fully agreed with our offer.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
Our development team has added a charting function using a ready-made API, and also implemented visualization of the client's algorithms that allow making forecasts about the value of assets, thus giving recommendations to the service's clients.
Key Features
To improve the client's trading platform, we have done the following amount of work:
Charting the value of cryptocurrency assets using the API;
Connecting customer algorithms that forecast prices to the charting API;
Implementation without reducing the performance of the entire platform;
Pure code
Pure code and commenting – we have made a reserve for future improvements, even by third-party and previously unused programmers in the project.
Productive interaction with the existing platform without reducing the speed of its operation.
Relatively short time – the client has set a rather limited time frame.
3 weeks
The project was fully completed in 3 weeks
1 project manager
2 developers
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
We have improved the user experience when using the client's trading platform.
Together with his algorithms for forecasting the value of assets, we allowed users of the service to visually see recommendations and possible future price deviations.
After the introduction of our software, the activity on the client's platform increased by 10%.
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