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Cryptocurrency Exchange Service that provided swift and advantageous conversion between different cryptocurrencies
The Project
CYBINTEX is the smart progressive online system that helps to exchange different types of crypto assets in one touch or buy and sell it too.
Software adjustments, blockchain, web
Blockchain, exchange
individual team, software adjustments, web-development
The goal of this project was the addition of new functions. There were some of them: online quotation loading of different crypto assets types through API automatically online and diagramming or common line with information for the last hours or days.
Our Contributions
Unio IT team enthusiastically has begun to achieve the goal:
Technical Discovery Phase
Our team discovered several possible API from different services during pre-analysis that provides to receive quotations online.
Technical Consulting
The Customer has suggested some variants of necessary functions installation. There are investigated pros and cons of commercial and free-paid API services that provided the necessary information.

The Customer has chosen free API service as it doesn’t need financial costs monthly and at the same time, it is almost the next best thing to commercial comparables.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
Our team created some new classes that successfully merge with the current software of the project. They have made extensive testing to find out any unforeseen faults and errors including load simulation to CYBINTEX servers.

All new functions demonstrated fail-safety and full operational capability.
Key Features
In order to meet the Customer requirements, our development staff has used the following set of technologies:
New classes;
Free paid API for listing;
Function library for diagrams;
New tables in the database for data storage;
Testing harnesses;
Emulators of lots of questions to the server for load testing.
Investigating API documentation
We have spent a significant amount of time studying service documentation due to fulfilling the necessary set of functions. This has allowed receiving quotation of crypto assets in real-time mode.
Testing harnesses
Our staff has used both shared services and wrote some special scripts that connected with the Customer service to check operability after embedding our software.
Loading emulation
All too often, we cannot find all problems during single tests and in order to avoid unpredictable situations, some tests have been done to check operability under the loading or with lots of questions simultaneously for a long period of time.
2 months
Our staff has been spent almost 2 months from analysis, writing software till extensive testing.
1 programmer
1 tester
1 project manager
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
The visits to the Customer’s service increased because of the new feature set. Users have got the right to monitor the prices of their assets in real-time mode, apart from the routine exchange.
Exchange transaction has also increased because of movements in the values of assets stimulated users to operate their cryptocurrencies on a more frequent basis as well as buy or sell them.
The commission profit of the Customer business increased by several times and allowed planning a new technical improvement of the project.
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