Online store
An online store that specializes in kitchen products
The Project
An online store that specializes in kitchen goods, having at its disposal a huge range of production – from dishes to exotic varieties of tea and coffee.
Web, e-commerce, web design
Online store
Web development, consulting, Extended Team
The task was set to implement a personal account for store users, where they can track the status of their order, edit it, and also add products to favorites.
Our Contributions
The Unio IT team implemented the required functionality ahead of schedule.
Technical Discovery Phase
Initially, the client's website was implemented on an individual architecture, atypical for e-commerce, which complicated the projection of the development, since it took time to analyze the methodology of the current implementation.
Technical Consulting
We offered the client the implementation of the solution in the form of a multi-level architecture, which provides for the separation of logic from design, which was not previously implemented in the client's website. It also required some adjustments to the existing client code.
Legacy Product Rebuilding
We have successfully developed an architecture that we have implemented in the form of separate modules based on classes.
Key Features
To complete the task, we used:
New architecture in the form of modules based on classes;
MVC approach to programming;
Existing integration with MySQL;
New database fields and tables.
Maintenance of the old site, which required some ingenuity without rewriting the entire system from scratch.
Optimization of the existing database, adding new tables, fields, and keys.
Monitoring compliance with the correct architecture chosen at the design stage.
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4 months
More than 4 months from the start of work.
• 1 analyst
2 developers
1 project manager
How We Helped The Client’s Business?
After the implementation of the planned functions, the convenience of working with the store for customers has significantly increased.
Now it is possible to save your favorite products to favorites, which also slightly increased the number of daily orders, and also increased the number of users returning after the initial acquaintance with the store.
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